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Hart of Dixie Countdown - 1x01 Pilot

GEORGE: Can I offer you a ride, ma’am?
ZOE: Thank you, but I have a strong policy against strangers chopping me up into a million pieces.

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BEST OF TV (2011 EDITION) | 10 Favourite New Shows » Hart of Dixie

“See the New Yorker in the Chanel jacket, that doesn’t quite fit in? That’s me, Dr Zoe Hart. Yesterday I took a cab to my job at one of Manhattan’s best hospitals; today, I’m on a bus in the middle of nowhere.”

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‘Wade is married?’

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With the right person the conversation just flows

for heka :)

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“Well, if you consider purgatory to be a place where neighbors take care of each other and every third Tuesday demands a parade. You can call it what you want, but I call it home.”

“So I decided to move to New York, and I loved it in the city. But I woke up dreaming about the sunset, and having sand beneath my feet.”

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Hart of Dixie 1x05 - Faith & Infidelity